Step-by-step (6) WSQA Assessment for Washington State Department of
Commerce (DOC) Housing Organizations

Step 1:

Register and Attend FREE monthly webinars; information
needs to be posted on website (using Google Meet or another provider,
Zoom?) The PowerPoint Presentations to be developed listed below)

  • Overview of the WSQA Assessment Process ; glossary of terms;
    determining your organizational structure
  • Preparing the Organizational Profile
  • Conducting the (Self) Assessment, Completing the Org Profile &
    Writing the Application with Aligned Results
  • Understanding Feedback Report & Implementing Improvements
  • NOTE : all of these modules will be developed using 2019 DOC
    learning and board approved resources

■ Step 2: Review Important/Supplemental Resources
● DOC: WA Dept of Commerce Eligibility–FINAL Q&A August
● DOC: HAU-Strategic-Plan-2018.pdf
● DOC: Homeless System Performance Measurement
● BPEP: Baldrige Excellence Builder.pdf
● PENW: Performance Improvement Resources
○ Lean/Six Sigma
○ ISO 9000
○ Others

■ Step 3: Prepare the Organizational Profile
● Organizational Structure
● Glossary of Terms
● Understand the Framework and Linkages
● Backbone Processes (Cat. 2-4-6) to Outcomes/Results (Cat. 7)

■ Step 4: Write Category responses
● Many approaches to writing Process responses
○ Category Teams
○ One Main Writer
○ Editing/Linkages

■ Step 5: Present Most Important Results
● Many approaches to writing Results responses
○ Editing/Integration
○ Data/Graphs

■ Step 6: Submitting the Application for Assessment
● Document list to include
● Pay fees according to the size of organization