Steps to submit an application

Steps Title Description
1 File Intent to Apply Application Form Required at least three months in advance of December 1 due date. $200 fee to be submitted with Intent to Apply form.
2 Determine Application Deadline December 1 Applications are due on the first business day of December
3 Review Criteria used to Create Application 2019-20 Full Assessment Criteria for Performance Excellence Application submitted must be in response to the 2019-20 Criteria
4 Organizational Profile Required Not to exceed five (5) pages
5 Application Presentation Submit Application in this order: 1. Title/Cover Page 2. Copy of Intent to Apply Form 3. Table of Contents 4. One-page Organizational Chart 5. Glossary of Terms and Acronyms/Abbreviations 6. Five-page Organizational Profile 7. Responses not to exceed fifty (50) pages in response to 2015-16 Baldrige Criteria (not including Items 1-6 above) Font size: Minimum 11” (10” font okay for charts and graphs) Margins: One-inch margins (top/bottom; right/left) Copies: Ten (10) copies of Application should be double-sided, paginated, and spiral-bound. (See no. 13 below).
6 Site Visit
7 Executive Briefing To be provided within 4-6 weeks of delivery of feedback report.
8 Examiner Volunteer Applicant organizations are strongly encouraged to commit one (1) examiner for training approximately one (1) year prior, during, or within one year after submitting the Full Application.
9 Award Level Eligibility Applicant will receive one of these four award levels: 1. Certificate of Commitment: This level is the starting point for organizations beginning to adopt and apply quality principles as defined by Baldrige Criteria 2. Achievement Level Award: This intermediate level is for those organizations demonstrating significant progress toward excellence defined by the Baldrige Criteria. 3. Leadership Level Award: This is an advanced level for organization’s demonstrating significant progress toward excellence based on Baldrige Criteria. 4. Excellence Level Award: This is an exceptional level recognizing organizations that have demonstrated the highest level of performance excellence based on Baldrige Criteria. Award level is determined by the PENW Panel of Judges and reviewed and approved by the PENW Board of Directors.
10 Application Review Process Full Applications are reviewed by 5-10 examiners, with a lead judge acting as coach. Reviews include Independent Review, Consensus Review, Potential Site Visit, Feedback Report and Executive Briefing. Excellence Level and Leadership Level applicants will be offered a site visit. Achievement Level Award applicants may receive a site visit – to be determined by the Panel of Judges.
11 Feedback Report A full Feedback Report including Key Themes and Item Feedback, and an Executive Briefing will be provided to the Applicant. Scoring ranges will be provided at Item level.
12 Fees Letter of Intent: $200 Application Fee: Varies by organization size
13 Submission of Application (Electronic and Hard Copy) Ten (10) copies of your Full Application must be mailed no later than the first business day in December. All ten copies should be submitted to PENW: Performance Excellence NW PO Box 5941 Kent, WA 98064-5941 An electronic copy should be forwarded to:
14 Recognition All Full Applicants are recognized at the Performance Excellence NW annual Learning Symposium; Applicants receive Crystal Awards and are invited to present at an event breakout session.
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