Are you doing your best?

Is your organization doing as well as it could?
What and how should your organization improve or change?
How do you know?

No matter its size, or whether it is in the manufacturing, service, healthcare, small business, nonprofit or public sector, the Performance Excellence (PE) Framework empowers your organization to:

  • Reach your goals
  • Improve your results
  • Become more competitive by aligning your plans, processes, decisions, people, actions, and results

The PE Framework is a systems approach and includes:

  • The questions to assess your approaches and results (outcomes)
  • A set of interrelated core values and concepts
  • A scoring system that lets you gauge your organization’s maturity

The PE Framework is PENW’s foundation to assess performance, provide feedback, propel continuous improvement efforts and generate new organizational learning and knowledge.

Performance Excellence (PE) Framework

The Performance Excellence (PE) Framework is a set of questions about seven critical aspects of managing and performing as an organization:

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategy
  3. Customers
  4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
  5. Workforce
  6. Operations
  7. Results

These questions work together as a unique, integrated performance management framework. Answering the questions helps you:

  • Align your resources
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Achieve your strategic goals

As a result:

  • Your workforce members learn and grow
  • Your organization improves and learns
  • You improve your organization’s overall effectiveness and capability
  • You deliver ever-improving value to your customers and stakeholders, which contributes to long-term organizational sustainability

Commentary on Framework Questions

Want to get a deeper understanding of what this is all about? The Commentary on PE Framework Questions provides summaries of the seven categories and supporting sub-items.

You can download the Criteria Commentary for free: