A Community of Learning

When the Baldrige Program was created by the Congress in 1987, a founding principle was to share best practices and learning to benefit the entire United States economy. Today, PENW defines performance excellence as an integrated approach to organizational performance excellence that results in:

  • Delivery of ever-improving value to customers and stakeholder, contributing to ongoing organizational success
  • Improvement of your organization’s overall effectiveness and capabilities
  • Learning for the organization and for people in the workforce.
  • PENW recognizes today that excellence is not just about how you approach your work; excellent approaches must deliver positive results. Value must be delivered to all your key stakeholders, including your community, not mainly stockholders/owners/donors.

The principle of shared learning remains unchanged

PENW’s current strategic objectives are designed to create a community of learning to support the use Performance Excellence principles in all sectors. The current strategy map outlines PENW’s most important goals and activities.