Actionable Feedback, Maximum Recognition

Ready for a Challenge? Submit a Full Application

The Full Assessment Program requires the submission of a 50-page application and the assessment process mirrors the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. The term “Full” is defined by the organization addressing the Full Performance Excellence Framework questions (Basic, Overall and Multiple). It is suggested that only organizations who are already familiar with the Performance Excellence Framework enter directly into the Full Assessment program.

All PENW applications are reviewed in strict confidence and the assigned assessment team is screened for Conflicts of Interest.

Full Application Requirements

The Full Application consists of:

  • Title/cover page
  • Copy of your approved Intent to Apply, including payment receipt from PayPal
  • Copy of your application payment receipt from PayPal
  • Table of Contents
  • Organizational Chart
  • Glossary of Terms, Acronyms & Abbreviations
  • 5-page Organizational Profile
  • 50-page Responses to Full Performance Excellence Framework questions

Steps for Submitting a Full Application

  • Download the latest version of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework. This document includes the Basic, Overall and Multiple questions to respond to in your application.
  • Review the Full Application Guidelines
  • Plan at least 3-6 months to prepare the application; time varies based on experience with process and resources allocated by the organization
  • Attend PENW Education and Training Offerings based on your learning needs
  • Online Intent-to-Apply form with payment is due annually on October 1st
  • Full Applications with payment are due annually on January 2nd

After submitting the Intent to Apply, PENW organizes and supports a team of 6-10 trained PENW Examiners to evaluate the application both independently and as a team to reach consensus on the feedback report. When the assessment team completes the consensus process,

Two types of Site Visits based on assessment scoring and organizational input

  • A Learning Site Visit is a 1½-day on-site review of the Application designed for lower scoring organizations to provide an experience of a Full Site Visit without the depth of preparation and cost.
    • It helps leaders and the workforce better understand the Performance Excellence framework
    • Provides the benefit of dialogue with the Assessment Team to verify and clarify the Feedback Report
    • Recognition levels are based on off-site Team Consensus Scoring
    • Feedback Report Scoring and Comments do not change based on findings during the event
    • An Organizational Debrief at the conclusion where important Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement and their potential impact on Scoring are summarized
  • A Full Site Visit is a 3-day on-site detailed review of the Application and it is required to be considered for the highest level or recognition, PENW Excellence Award.
    • Engages as much of the organization’s workforce as possible
    • Through interactions with leaders and the workforce, it verifies and clarifies information and helps the Assessment Team to write enhanced feedback
    • Checks deployment of approaches to assess the effectiveness and the culture
    • Feedback Report Scoring and Comments changed based on findings during the event
    • Recognition levels are based on Site Visit Scoring
    • Organization receives a written feedback report with strengths and opportunities for improvement.
    • Judges make recognition level decisions considering site visit findings
    • Applicants are recognized at PENW’s annual Learning Symposium held each September.

Pricing for Site Visits vary based on size of organization and assessment team. For more information on PENW Site Visits, including pricing estimates, please write or call 888-912-7369. We’ll get back to you by the end of the following business day with more information.