Examiner Timetables

Full Application Cycle Timetable

Milestone Deadline
Deadline for Full Application Intent to Apply 10/01/2020
Deadline for Full Application to be Sent to PENW 01/02/2021
Applications Mailed to Examiners 01/08/2021
Independent Reviews Due to PENW 02/01/2021
Consensus 02/03/2021
Consensus Meetings or Calls 03/01/2021
Site Visit Preparation and Training 04/01/2021
Site Visit (approximate; dates determined by PENW & Applicant) 05/01/2021
Award Level Determination by Board 06/01/2021
Recognition @ PENW Annual Learningy Symposium Fall 2021

Lite Application Cycle Time Table

Milestones Days, Week, Months in the cycles
Deadline for Lite Applications to be Sent to PENW January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1
Applications Mailed to Examiners Week 1
Independent Reviews Due to PENW Week 7
Consensus Meetings or Calls Week 10
Consensus Scorebook Complete and Due to PENW Week 11
PENW Sends Feedback Report to Applicant Week 14
Executive briefing 4th month