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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.”
– Steve Jobs

Join the team of examiners at Performance Excellence NW and experience the power of Baldrige for yourself. Being a Performance Excellence NW (Baldrige) Examiner offers you an in-depth understanding of the elements that define world-class organizations. You have the opportunity to learn the nationally recognized standard for performance excellence, the Baldrige Excellence Framework, and help organizations in our NW communities improve by providing them with valuable feedback. And, you’ll be better prepared to apply these principles of excellence in your own organization.

Enjoy the benefits of training and implementation

Becoming a PENW Examiner may very well be one of the most important investments you make in your career. As an Examiner, you’ll gain a new level of management and leadership skills and training and a better understanding of how to evaluate an organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Examiners learn how customer needs and requirements are linked to their organization’s strategic plan, job design, employee training and development, and the key organization product and service delivery processes.

For many, becoming an Examiner is equivalent to obtaining a master’s degree in performance management. In addition to the learning experience, it is a great resume builder. State and National Quality Award Examiners will receive 1.5 RU credit per year (maximum 4.5) for their “Committee” work by the American Society of Quality.

When employees become PENW Examiners, employers, in turn, gain the wealth of knowledge these employees bring back to their organizations.

Time Commitment

There are various Examiner certification levels available with the time commitment varying from 44 to 200 hours over the course of a year. While the time commitment is significant, the rewards far outweigh the work.

Examiner Application

Step 1

Complete the 2018 Examiner Application Form and send to Examiner applications are accepted all year.

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Pay the Examiner Training Fee: $199.00. Payment for Examiner Training can be made here with paypal:

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