PENW recognizes its volunteer workforce as its  most vital resource towards a sustainable and successful operations. We would like to recognize the following individuals whose help we rely on. We appreciate you!


Paul Fisher2
Paul Fisher
Chair and PENW Examiner
Service Delivery Committee
Dominique Lopez Stickney
Dominique Lopez-Stickney

PENW Examiner
Service Delivery Committee
zSusan Vemuri
Susan Vemuri

Service Delivery Committee


  • Anna Kay Dykes (WA)
  • Dan Edds, Praxis Solutions (WA)
  • Doug Croft, St. Luke's Health System (ID)
  • Doug Nelson, ASQ (OR) - Events and Symposium
  • Kriscinda Hansen, Office of Insurance Commissioner (WA)- Score Navigator Administrator
  • Mary Cronin, St. Luke's Health System (ID)
  • Neng Zipagang, Tektronix (OR) - Events and Symposium
  • Kevin McManus, Great Systems- Instructor
  • Aisha Krebs- Oregon State Hospital
  • Carl Watt- Insitu Corp.
  • Donald Lowe-  Insitu Corp.
  • Heide Knight- Oregon State Hospital
  • John D. Holbrook- Insitu Corp.
  • Lloyd E. Lockhart- Oregon State Hospital
  • Micky F. Logan- Oregon State Hospital
  • Victor H. Steffen- Oregon State Hospital
  • Dana Panteleeff- Bloodworks
  • Deborah Sanchez- Asante
  • Jeff Cook- Bloodworks
  • Jonathan Wolpert- Gritman Medical Center
  • Thom Hauer- Yellowhawk Tribal Center
  • Theo Yu- Consultant

‚ÄčPENW needs your help! Contact us if you desire to volunteer!