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Thank you for your interest in participating as an examiner!

PENW is a nationally recognized group of performance excellence practitioners and leaders. Participation as an Examiner supports your own professional development, provides valuable feedback to organizations’ on the performance excellence journey and generates valuable growth to the Northwest region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington). Anyone currently working in the sectors of business, public service, nonprofit, education and healthcare are welcome to participate in this elite group. We encourage you to sign-up, become trained and join the PENW Board of Examiners today!

Becoming a PENW Examiner is a tremendous professional development opportunity that can serve you and your employer for years to come. It’s a humbling commitment and one that we hold with great respect; organizations invite us in to assess their performance against the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework, and in turn, we offer them feedback (strengths and opportunities for improvement) regarding next steps on their improvement journey.

Any questions? Reach to or call 888-912-7369 and we’ll respond with more information via email or give you a call. To help New Examiners better understand the time commitment, you find a brief outline below.

Examiner Time Commitment

wdt_ID ACTIVITY FULL (hours) LITE (hours)

Training (4 hours virtual, 16 hours face-to-face)




Pre-work (after virtual training, before classroom)



3 Individual Review 20–40


4 Consensus Preparation: Conment wWriting 8–16 4
5 Participation in Consensus Meeting(s) 8


PENW Examiner Training

PENW Examiner Training schedule mirrors the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program’s format. 

  • Both New and Experienced Examiner courses will be ALL VIRTUAL using video meetings, on-demand videos and exercises to allow participants to attend sessions with other volunteers across the four state region. 
    • New Examiner Training will be between 6-8 sessions
    • Experienced Examiner Training will be between 4-6 sessions
    • Number of sessions will vary from course to course based on participant learning needs
  • We are eliminating PRE-WORK from this program and breaking the course into weekly chunks with brief learning assignments based on the week’s content.
  • All experienced PENW Examiners and Judges are required to take examiner training every two years to stay current (same as National Examiner requirement).  

Examiner Training dates will be announced by Oct. 1st
Beginning fall of 2020, Examiner Training will be scheduled quarterly

PENW has two groups of PENW Examiners: New and Experienced. Their training requirements and cost are listed below:

  • NEW Examiner = volunteers who NEVER attended training OR volunteers who attended training more than two years ago, but never served on a team
    • The course will be 6-8 weekly sessions that are 1-2 hours in length
    • Each week will have a short learning assignment that will take no more than two hours to complete
    • Cost = $199
  • EXPERIENCED Examiner = volunteers who have attended training more than two years ago and have served on a team
    • The course will be 4-6 weekly sessions that are 1-2 hours in length
    • Each week will have a short learning assignment that will take no more than two hours to complete
    • Cost = $99
PENW is currently developing VIRTUAL Examiner Training.
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