Build Internal Capacity for Sustainable Change

Full & Half Day Courses; On-site or Virtual

Introduction to Performance Excellence

The need to improve your organization’s performance has perhaps never been greater: customers expect more, competent workers are scarce, competition is intensifying, and for many industries the economy is uncertain. But – with the complexity of organizations –- where does one start? How do you know which processes to focus? And how do you sustain the improvement over time?

The Baldrige framework provides a systems perspective for continuous improvement and advancing performance excellence. The Baldrige “Criteria for Performance Excellence” reflects the leading edge of validated management practice, against which any organization can measure itself to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities. This workshop will walk through the Baldrige Framework, will provide examples of tools and approaches that align with Baldrige, will “connect the dots’ ‘ by showing how other improvement tools complement Baldrige, and will explore best practices from other organizations on the journey to excellence.

Internal Examiner Course

Many organizations develop managers and staff using PENW’s Internal Examiner Training Course. This approach helps key leaders inside the organization better understand the methods and practices of organizational assessment using the Performance Excellence Scoring Guidelines. When used as an internal performance improvement tool, staff and leaders share a common method of assessing the organization and identifying opportunities for improvement. This workshop has on-site and on-line options depending on organizational needs.

The On-site course option has two virtual prep sessions to overview key content and pre-work assignment, followed by an 8 hour comment writing workshop to assist staff in understanding how your organization matures using the Performance Excellence Framework and scoring from the examiner’s perspective.

The On-line course option divides the course work into 6 two-hour, weekly sessions that pace the learning to minimize the impact on staff being away from their work for multiple days.

For more information on scheduling a PENW Full or Half Day Course, call 888-912-PENW (7369) or write and we’ll reply with more information by the end of the next business day.