Register for Examiner Training

To become a PENW Examiner, please click on the link below which best describes your experience level.

If you have any questions about your selection, please contact us at 888-912-PENW (7369) or write and someone will reply by the end of the next business day.

New Examiner

“I have never been trained as an Examiner” OR “I attended training but DIDN’T participate on a team within two years”

Returning Examiner

“I have completed Examiner Training AND participated¬†on a Full or Lite Team”

Full Application Cycle Timetable

wdt_ID Milestone Deadline
1 Deadline for Full Application Intent to Apply 10/01/2020
2 Deadline for Full Application to be Sent to PENW 01/02/2021
3 Applications Mailed to Examiners 01/08/2021
4 Independent Reviews Due to PENW 02/01/2021
5 Consensus 02/03/2021
6 Consensus Meetings or Calls 03/01/2021
7 Site Visit Preparation and Training 04/01/2021
8 Site Visit (approximate; dates determined by PENW & Applicant) 05/01/2021
9 Award Level Determination by Board 06/01/2021
10 Recognition @ PENW Annual Learningy Symposium