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Since 1994, hundreds of organizations have used WSQA/PENW to achieve their organizational results and thousands of examiners have received extensive training in the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework. In total, it is estimated that over a quarter million employees have been positively impacted by WSQA/PENW. Today, PENW’s membership firmly states your commitment to organizational excellence and economic development across the Pacific Northwest by helping achieve our Vision.

Vision: Be recognized as the premier resource for advancing performance excellence in the Pacific Northwest.

Mission: Using the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework and other improvement tools, partner with leaders to bring information, resources, knowledge and best practices to their organization.


  • Customer Driven
  • Shared Learning
  • Social Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Partnership

Core Competencies: an extensive practical knowledge of the PE Framework expressed through the experience of the Board of Directors (BOD), Judges, Senior Examiners and Executive Director.

Corporate Membership Program

Our Corporate Membership Program is designed to advance organizations along their performance excellence pathway. The program offers three levels of participation based on your organizational needs. With each level, additional benefits are added to guide and support organizations along their journey. One of the biggest values of being a Corporate Member is through Shared Learning (a PENW Value) and participation in our Communities of Learning.

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Individual Membership Program

Our Individual Membership Program is designed to support examiners and judges in their personal growth and development of their performance excellence journey. The program recognizes and rewards our core workforce with benefits to maintain the examiner credentials, provide access to a PENW educational offering of their choice, provide registration to the PENW Annual Learning Symposium ($249 value).

Once you have completed New Examiner Training and served as an Examiner or Judge on an application team during the current cycle, PENW will offer you FREE Individual Membership for one year.

2020 PENW Individual Membership Program

The purpose of this membership is to support examiners and judges in their personal growth & development within the PE Framework.

Individual Membership*
$149 Introductory Offer until Sept. 1st
Individual registration to Annual Symposium ($249 value)
Includes the virtual coursework to maintain Examiner credentials
Listing on PENW website Individual Member List
Subscription to PENW member email and newsletters
Consideration for examiner advancement, judge appointments, board committee assignments and other volunteer roles.
*Any Examiner & Judge who participates on an application team during the current assessment cycle receives a fully PAID PENW Individual membership.
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PENW is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and some or all of your membership program expenses may qualify as a tax deduction. Please consult with your accountant for more information.

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