Development for Next Level Performance

Executive Collaborative by Apex – a 12-month program to immerse leaders in the Baldrige Framework

  • In-depth learning from world-class organizations and regional best practices
  • Individualized learning objectives, with coaching support from APEX Partnerships
  • Build relationships with other executives that will benefit participants now and into the future
  • Five, 2-day collaborative learning sessions where leaders are exposed to regional and national best practices
  • Develop and execute an organizational improvement project
  • Share learning between organizations and work with other leaders facing similar challenges

Rapid Action Intensive

  • Team Building – Build your Baldrige leadership team by creating a shared understanding of the Baldrige framework, and opportunities for improvement, that can be acted upon – immediately.
  • Expert Facilitation – With the use of skilled facilitators and seasoned Baldrige experts, you will avoid “false starts” with the accompanying loss of momentum, and be securely on the road to excellence in weeks rather than months
  • Self-Discovery – Self-discovery means ownership. Self-discovery means immediate action on improvement opportunities because they have been self-identified with the Baldridge framework as the objective standard.

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