Resources for Washington State Department of Commerce (DOC) Housing Organizations

7 Steps to prepare and submit a WSQA Lite Application for Assessment

Step 1: Complete the Intent to Apply

  • Click to Complete the Intent to Apply Form (move from bottom to top of page)
  • Submit $200 payment using PayPal

Step 2: Register and Attend FREE monthly webinar

The topics vary monthly and cover everything you need to know about
application submission including:

  • Overview of the WSQA Assessment Process
  • Overview of the Performance Excellence Framework
    • Glossary of terms
    • Determining your organizational structure
    • Moving beyond compliance to continuous improvement
  • Preparing the Organizational Profile
  • Writing the Application with Aligned Results
  • Understanding Feedback Report & Implementing Improvements

Webinars are held on the second Friday of every month from 10-11am. To
register for an upcoming monthly webinar, visit here:

Step 3: Review Important Resources

The documents below are a few of the key resources an organization should
understand prior to completing the application.

Step 4: Prepare the Organizational Profile

  • Determine and Describe Your Organizational Structure
  • Read the Glossary of Terms
  • Study the Performance Excellence Framework
  • Understand the Linkages between Process Categories and Results

Step 5: Write Assessment responses

  • “HOW” questions in the framework are looking for a brief description of
    the PROCESS used to accomplish the task; HOW = PROCESS
  • At least two approaches to writing responses:
    • Category Teams–have multiple teams/people within the
      organization write responses by Category
    • Single Author–have one person in the organization interview
      subject matter experts and write Category responses
  • Regardless of how you choose to write responses, it is critical to make
    sure the information is aligned and links together to clearly tell your
  • Have an independent Editor to ensure your responses address the
    framework and are easy to understand

Step 6: Present Most Important Results

  • Tips for Writing Results Responses
    • Include the Organization’s Most Important Measures/Results
    • Include Multiple Data Points Over Time to Establish Trends
    • Include Results that Demonstrate the Effectiveness of ProcessResponses from Categories 1-6
    • Include Comparisons Where Available

Step 7: Submitting the Application for Assessment

    • Include the Following Documents:
      • Intent to Apply Form
      • Organizational Chart (1 page)
      • Glossary of Terms/Abbreviations
      • Organizational Profile (5 pages)
      • Responses to Categories 1-7 (20 pages)
    • Pay Application Fee According to the Size of Organization